Krister Brandser

Curriculum vitae

Hi, I'm Kebman, the author of this web page.

I guess you're curious, so please allow me to present myself. I'm somewhat a jack of all trades and a creative multimedia guy. If that sounds interesting to you, then please read on!

I have three main interests:


The last 10 years I've worked as a teacher within Media and Communications at Nesbru vgs (Norwegian upper secondary school). Meanwhile I also do freelansing within both journalism and copywriting, including radio and TV. Needless to say I'm also fluent in the Adobe family and even TriCaster, plus one or two Discreet/Autodesk programs.


The last 5 years I've worked as a teacher within IT (It1 and It2) at the same school while also doing IT projects. Additionally I've worked with webdesign since I was 16. I mostly write JavaScript in Node.js, but I also know Java, PHP and Python. Oh, and of course SQL! Additionally I really like graph databases such as Neo4j.


I've been a photographer since I was about 10 years old, focusing mainly on street photography, but I also know studio work well enough. Thus I'm also acquainted with systems like FotoStation and even analog film. Additionally I've also run my own film production company, where we did both commercial projects and private projects for fiction.


Yes, why not! I've played instruments since I was about 5. I don't normally give requests, though if you're throwing a party, you might be able to change my mind. If nothing else, a sense of rythm is great for editing film, and a musical sense is really great for doing any kind of audio work.

Main Areas

Multimedia, Photography, Illustration, Copywriting, Pedagogy, Programming and IT


HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Java, Neo4j, Cypher, SQL, Cryptography, Linux, Unix, Audio Editing, Image Manipulation, Video Production, Video Editing, Desktop Publishing, Adobe Creative Suite, FCP, Autodesk Video Software, SEO

Education and Work Experience

Please ask. Only professional inquiries will be answered.